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About Rubicon

How it all started

Rubicon was founded in 1997 by Pierre Steeghs. He named the office “Rubicon” with a nod to the expression ‘Crossing the Rubicon’. That expression comes from the Roman army leader Julius Caesar who crossed the Rubicon River. A challenge and a point when he began his march toward Rome. Passing a point of no return. Pierre also accepted a challenge. He became self-employed. He tackled it decisively and with remarkable success. Under his leadership, Rubicon grew into a thriving tax consultancy and accountancy firm.

Specialists who think outside the box

On Jan. 1, 2017, Pierre stepped down. He relinquished his partnership at the firm, and Rubicon was taken over by the four managers who remain at the helm today. In the years that followed, Rubicon continued to grow into a firm with sizeable specialist know-how, an organisation where staff also thinks outside the box. Because financial services are more than providing up-to-date knowledge. Commitment, looking beyond tax and financial problems and being available to clients, assisting them and contributing to their ideas are just as important. Rubicon’s professionals are therefore more than consultants and facilitators. They are co-entrepreneurs.

A loyal customer base

Today, our loyal clientele consists of energetic businesses, entrepreneurs, foundations and individuals. People who take forward-looking steps and dare to make well-thought-out decisions. Together with Rubicon. That’s a role we are happy to play. Because proactively collaborating on the appropriate strategy and suitable solutions makes our heartbeat faster.


With a passion for our profession, we help you bridge the gap between your needs and the dynamic and complex world of tax and accounting and reporting regulations. Our dedicated team provides the right mix of decisiveness and creativity. By means of direct communication and upfront transparent commitments, mutual expectations are met, resulting in an agreeable working partnership.


Regulations concerning finance and taxation compliance are currently prone to change and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. Rubicon addresses the concerns these changes bring to business owners, institutions and high-net-worth individuals. This allows them to focus on what drives them.

Our working practices

Rubicon provides customized services in a changing and dynamic world. Our approach is committed and personal. Together with you, we aim for the best possible result. You decide to what extent you want to be involved in the execution of the assignment. We make clear agreements on these matters in advance. We map out your needs and discuss your expectations in the fields of quality, price and the way we interact. For any agreed fixed services, a fixed service rate is agreed upon between the parties. If there is additional work required, we always consult with you first. This way, you always know always where you stand. Have we piqued your curiosity? Don’t hesitate to make an appointment for a no strings attached orientation session. Please call tel: +31 (0)40-235 34 30 or send an e-mail to

Our team

mr. C.G.P. (Casper) Remmers

A satisfying result in precarious situations.

Casper has been with our firm as a tax legal advisor since 1998. His particular expertise is in tax issues of high-net-worth individuals and matters concerning small and medium-sized businesses. He is seasoned in negotiating with the tax authorities and has extensive litigation experience. He also provides legal and tax advice to administrative offices. What particularly motivates him is achieving accomplished results in precarious situations. In his words: “The challenge for me is to align parties with opposing interests and to come up with a smart and creative solution.” Creativity thrives when you have means to regularly take your mind off things. Casper’s escape is to strap on his rollerblades and skate.

drs. W.J.B. (Wilco) van der Pol RA

Accountancy is more than just numbers.

Wilco gained his degree in Business Economics and then completed his training as a Chartered Accountant at the Dutch Institute of Chartered Accountants (NIVRA)/ Nyenrode Business University. He joined Rubicon in 2000 to set up the accounting department. His expertise is in real estate, charitable institutions, money remitters and payment institutions. Wilco had the ambition to become an accountant early on. He shares his passion for the profession with his father who was also an accountant. What Wilco admires in the profession is that it is about so much more than just numbers. Wilco: “In a world that is all about trust, it gives me great satisfaction to be a trusted advisor to my clients.” When the work is completed successfully, Wilco is more than happy to celebrate. He enjoys a beer with friends, loves to celebrate the Dutch Carnival where he was once even voted Prince Carnival and is also an avid football fan.

mr. R.C. (Ronald) van Kampen

Providing clients with tailor-made advice.

Ronald joined our team of tax consultants in September 2002. He gained a degree in Fiscal Economics at Fontys Hogeschool in Eindhoven and a degree in Tax Law at Tilburg University. His specific expertise and experience are in the areas of tax accounting, financing, business succession, Tax Control Framework and innovation. He also has extensive experience in structuring corporate activities and advising and assisting inpatriates and expatriates. The dynamics of the profession and the speed at which tax compliance regulations change are right up his alley. Providing clients with customised tax advice is the challenge that energizes him. He’s an energy junkie! This is reflected in his major hobbies: Formula 1 racing and DJ Tiësto and Armin van Buren’s music.

drs. P.J.J. (Peter) Coolen RA

Versatile and multidisciplined.

Peter gained his degree in Business Economics at Tilburg University. He earned his doctorate in 2003 after which he joined Rubicon and immediately began training to become a chartered accountant. He completed that training in 2010 and has since been added to the Register of Accountants of the Royal Dutch Association of Accountants (NBA). His expertise lies in the guidance and design of administrative processes and the preparation and audit of financial statements. He is also well versed in issues and processes surrounding mergers and acquisitions. To Peter, the accountancy profession provides a daily spark due to its diversity of work and the interfaces with other fields such as tax, pensions, human resources and finance. In his free time, you can often find Peter on the field hockey field or with friends at the card table.

T.M.P. (Kelly) Nguyen

Seeking the permissible limits.

After studying Fiscal Economics, Kelly joined Rubicon in early 2009. Kelly enjoys delving into complicated tax issues. Her ultimate challenge is to achieve the maximum tax benefit available for her clients. To do so, she is constantly searching for the permissible limits provided within the tax laws. At home, she is a lover of life who enjoys shopping and eating out, if possible, abroad and loves listening to music.

mr. A.W.H.M. (Arjan) Timmers

Being inventive to find the best solution.

Arjan has been working within our general consulting and tax return practice since early 2011. He completed a degree in Fiscal Law and Economics, and a further degree in Fiscal Law at Tilburg University. What appeals to him is the high degree of variety in the profession. Arjan: “The legislation changes every year, but there is always a measure of give or space. Because case law can interpret legislation or apply it in multiple ways. As a result, our work is never static. You have to be inventive each time to find the best solution for the customer.” On the home front, Arjan also enjoys a degree of variety. Sports wise he is a keen sprinter. He owns a dalmatian who loves getting all the attention. And he loves Formula 1 racing.

S.N. (Natascha) Guman

Wide-ranging and internationally oriented.

Natascha studied Finance and Control at the University of Amsterdam and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Accountancy & Control at Maastricht University. In 2020, she joined Rubicon where she supports her colleagues with composition and audit work. Over the years, she has worked for many international companies. As a result, she has broad international knowledge and experience in her field. And her knowledge continues to expand because she is naturally curious and loves to learn. She enjoys travelling, with city trips being her favourite. Preferably with her children because she loves spending a lot of time together with them.

J.I.J. (Judith) Ranschaert

Working together toward a common goal.

Judith completed executive secretary and European secretary courses at Schoevers. After which, she worked as an executive secretary for several companies for many years. In 2005, she switched to Rubicon and became an office manager. In this position, she has a very varied set of duties. Her position calls for daily challenges. Working together to achieve the best results for clients is especially important to her. Judith: “At Rubicon, each colleague contributes to the common goal with his or her specific knowledge and qualities.” Judith likes to head out with family and/or friends, for a city trip, ski trip or just a nice dinner. Not forgetting fun on the tennis court and the necessary maintenance in the gym;)

R.B.A. (Rita) van de Beek

Dynamism and working in a close-knit team.

Rita trained as a secretary. As a receptionist, she is the first point of contact for Rubicon’s clients and associates. In addition to taking care of day-to-day business, she is available for secretarial support. Rita loves working on Rubicon’s close-knit team and experiences the office dynamics as a keen energy source. In her free time, she enjoys being with her family or in the company of close friends. She is happiest when active in the countryside and natural surroundings. Her favourite pastimes are hiking, cycling and heading out with the caravan.

The gentlemen of the MT

Accountancy and tax advice are like top sports. Persevere with the focus on results. Continuously work on quality and improvement of yourself and the team. Wanting to win, but at the same time also working together and having an eye for others. That is characteristic of the gentlemen of the MT. With that drive they not only achieve the best score for our customers. They also actively contribute to the good atmosphere in the Rubicon team. And that every day and always in top form. Curious how that feels? Make an appointment and come and meet us.

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