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As a business owner as also as a high-net-worth individual, you strive for optimal financial results. Our tax consultants will support you in this process. To that end, of course, they closely monitor tax developments. But they also delve thoroughly into your business or personal situation. As a result, they are aware of your issues and the questions you face. They discuss matters with you beforehand and provide customized services. This is more than achieving maximum financial return. Our consultants also consider the issues important to you such as family ties and emotions.

Quality and professionalism

Rubicon’s tax consultants work for organizations, (international) companies and high-net-worth individuals. Their services include support in various areas of taxation. They contribute ideas and form a working partnership with you. From advice on starting a business to guidance on expansion plans, mergers, partnerships or a business transfer. All our tax consultants take regular courses. In this way, they secure quality of service and make sure it remains at a high level. Of course, they will also take care of your returns and audit your tax assessments. They also supervise book investigations by the Tax Authority.

Our tax services

  • Handling corporate income tax returns and advising on matters that may be applicable in this regard. Also, advice on Tax-Exempt Investment Institutions (Vrijgestelde Beleggingsinstelling – VBI), financing structures, participation in exemption and fiscal unity.
  • Assessing the tax implications of international corporate business.
  • Advising on all income tax issues applicable to you and filing income tax returns. We also specialize in the international aspects of income tax. For example, working across borders, emigrating, immigrating and holding assets abroad.
  • Advice on payroll tax issues and the choices you can make regarding organizing labour and renumeration within your company.
  • Advice and support on all turnover tax issues. Both in national and international business areas.
  • Advice concerning property transfer tax and assistance in structuring the transfer of shares in a real estate company.
  • International tax planning for entrepreneurs and individuals facing foreign taxes. We advise you on the Dutch consequences of your situation for income, payroll, turnover, corporate and inheritance and gift tax. We maintain contacts with accounts and tax consulting firms in various countries. This allows us to quickly obtain advice for you or put you in touch with a local consultant.
  • Financial planning for high-net-worth individuals and director-major shareholders with the aim of optimally protecting their assets.

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