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General information

This disclaimer applies to the contents of the web page belonging to Rubicon Belastingadviseurs B.V. and Rubicon Registeraccountants B.V., hereinafter referred to as: ‘Rubicon,’ which can be accessed under the following six names: / / / / Please read this disclaimer carefully. By using Rubicon’s web page, you agree to the terms of the disclaimer.

For the purposes of this disclaimer, the following definitions apply:

  • the web page: any web page in which the publisher includes a hyperlink to this disclaimer for the purpose of having this disclaimer apply to it.
  • the publisher: the authorized publisher of the web page.
  • you: a natural or legal person, who uses the web page.
  • use(s): including loading (downloading), logging in, retrieving, reading, viewing, listening, editing, filling out (forms), sending, (temporary) copying, storing, forwarding, distributing, using services, committing legal acts, and so on.
  • content: texts, images, hyperlinks, sound and/or image clips, and/or other objects on the web page.
  • damages: direct or indirect damages of any kind, for example, lost data and business, lost sales or other property damage.

Use of the web page

Rubicon provides tax consultancy and accounting services to both Dutch and multinational companies and high-net-worth individuals. As part of its services, Rubicon publishes this website and strives to regularly publish tax updates on the web page.

Rubicon makes every effort to provide accurate, complete and current information from sources deemed dependable on its web page. It also endeavours to regularly update and/or supplement the content of the web page. Despite such care and attention, Rubicon makes no guarantee that the information obtained on or through this web page is accurate, complete or current.

The web page is operated and maintained from the Netherlands and Rubicon therefore makes no representation that the information provided on or via this web page is appropriate for use in countries other than the Netherlands. The user himself is always responsible for compliance with applicable local laws.

Rubicon does not recommend that the user use the information provided on or through this website in lieu of advice. If the user makes decisions based on this information, it is at his or her own expense and risk. For tailored advice, please contact Rubicon’s experts at any time. It is not permitted to use the web page in a way that hinders or may hinder the use of other Internet users, which endangers or may endanger the functioning of this web page and/or that affects or may affect the information or underlying software offered on or through this web page. In case of detected misuse of any kind, Rubicon reserves the right to deny you access to the web page.

Web pages linked to the web page

At various points throughout the web page, links may be automatically provided to other web pages related to a specific aspect of this web page. Although Rubicon endeavours to link to web pages of interest to the user, this does not imply that Rubicon is affiliated with these other web pages or publishers thereof, nor that its officers, employees or representatives are in any way responsible or liable for these other web pages or the information contained therein. Use of such hyperlinks is therefore at your own risk.

Intellectual property rights

Rubicon, or the entitled party, retains all rights (including copyrights, trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights) in relation to all information provided on or through this website (including all text, graphics and logos). It is not permitted to copy, download or in any way publish, distribute or multiply information on this web page without prior written permission from the rightful owner. However, you may print and/or download the information on the web page for your own personal use.

Exclusion of liability and indemnity

Regardless of whether Rubicon has been advised of the possibility of such damages, Rubicon accepts no liability whatsoever in respect of direct, indirect, special, incidental, intangible or consequential damages (including lost profits) resulting from, but not limited to: defects, viruses or other malfunctions of equipment and other software in connection with the access or use of this web page, the information sent to Rubicon or to you, the operation or unavailability of the web page, misuse of the web page, loss of data, downloading or use of software made available through this web page or claims of third parties in connection with the use of this web page.

Furthermore, as a user, you shall indemnify the publisher, its employees, representatives, licensees, business partners and the author of this disclaimer against any judicial and extrajudicial measures, denunciations and the like, including the costs of legal assistance and experts engaged by third parties as a result of or related to your use of the web page, your violation of any legal regulation whatsoever or the rights of third parties.

Applicable law

Dutch law applies to this web page and the disclaimer. All disputes arising from the disclaimer and from the use of the web page will be submitted exclusively to the competent court in the Netherlands.


Rubicon may modify or terminate the web page, including the text of this disclaimer, at its sole discretion and at any time, without being required to provide prior notice.

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